Artist Statement.

Bobbin Lace is an intricate play between bobbins in all shapes and sizes and an array of threads in the colours of the evening sunset, intriguing both the onlookers and the creator of the lace. The last few years, lacemaking has enjoyed a revival in art academies throughout Europe. It has encouraged me to explore it as an art medium. I play with new designs, forms, materials and dimensions.

Abstract art, created by reducing forms to their essence, by adding or subtracting from reality, vibrant colours, expressive brush strokes, lines, form, shape and texture has intrigued me for many years.

The more I studied possibilities in lace designs, the more I became interested in combining abstract painting with the texture and patterns created by lace threads. I have recently picked up this challenge and I hope to create a body of work on canvas that is original, balanced and harmonious.